Forty Below The Game
The World's Coolest New Game!

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This could very well be the next big game - just in time for the Holidays.

GUTTENBERG, IOWA November 22, 2011 - After years of avid card playing, Dennis Hartig and Susan Sudermann have developed an exciting new game. Forty Below The Game was so enthusiastically received by their family and friends, they decided they might just have something. “We had 20 decks made for us by a local printer and shared them with a few friends and family members. Shortly thereafter, we had literally hundreds of requests for more games.” So, after contacting every major game and toy maker in the country about producing the game with no “takers”, the two seasoned entrepreneurs have decided to produce and distribute the game themselves.

OK, so maybe HOT is not the best way to describe this game? A better description might be “THE WORLD’S COOLEST NEW GAME” as is printed on the package. Without a doubt, it is certainly hours of great fun. Because the game makers encourage lots of “table talk” and lively banter, the game is always a hoot. This game really brings out the emotions in it’s players. You will laugh, yell, scream, get excited and maybe even cry when you play Forty Below. It is a game for the entire family and can be played with 2-6 players. 

The game which sells for $6.99 was made available on the couple’s website earlier this month has already sold over 800 copies. Dennis and Susan are very excited about the potential of the game. “All of our sales have been through word of mouth and social networking. We are nearly out of inventory and the website has only been open for a few days!” As of this Release, more games are in production and there will be plenty available for the holidays.

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